GPU Powered

Access from
Any Location

Connect from
Any Device

Pay for What
You Use

and Scalable

ABOT Cloud GPU-powered virtual workstations is your ideal solution if both flexibility and performance are your main priorities


Our affordable and efficient solution offers a convenient way for companies to focus on collaboration and remote working from anywhere and on any device. It provides unparalleled processing power and performance for smooth operations, risk-free, and without long-term commitments.


ABOT Cloud GPU-powered virtual workstation is an ideal solution for individual professionals, small and medium enterprises/businesses. For larger organizations with thousands of end-users, we can deploy a custom ABOT Cloud offering to meet specific needs.

Empower your BIM with ABOT Cloud

The ABOT Cloud GPU-powered platform is designed and custom-built by an expert team of cloud engineers. We offer a fully managed infrastructure with optimized processing power and storage capacity for a wide range of BIM-centric and creative content applications.

With ABOT Cloud, construction engineers and designers can run all their BIM-specific applications and software without being limited by their location or the device they use. Their data is safely secured and can be shared amongst all project stakeholders by setting up virtual collaboration servers. ABOT Cloud provides secures your data and provides accessibility from anywhere, on any device, and at any time.

Our team of IT and construction experts can help guide you through your digital transformation or transition to a remote working environment, all without you loosing productivity or making large upfront investments in hardware.

GPU Powered Workstations

Powered by the latest GPUs, ABOT Cloud provides you with superior graphical performance

Accessible from Any Location

Enabling you and your team members to work from home, the office or any location in the world

Connect from Any Device

Create your project on ABOT Cloud with your preferred software without being held back by the hardware you currently own

Pay for What You Use

No upfront investment necessary; you pay as you go for what you use

Secure and Scalable

Expand without limitations while ensuring your project data are safe and secure on ISO and SOC certified data centers

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Achieve Breakthrough Performance

Each software needs the right hardware to be properly integrated and optimized to achieve better productivity.

    Developed by IT and Construction industry experts to bridge the gap between high demanding construction projects and under performing computer performance.


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